This space is for projects from my embroidery friends.

Connie made this beautiful card for her granddaughter. Well done, thank you for sharing!

Candle Holder from Linda Darling
Linda used 4 panels of FSL Rose Bowl to make this beautiful Candle Holder. Thank you for allowing me to share.

"Front of Pillow, tails are sewn in yellow glow in the dark thread. I used thick plastic film I bought at Walmart! I labeled it bioluminescence which he will love as it is such a long word with meaning he can understand! It's also sewn in the glow in the dark thread. I had lots of fun on the back of the pillow. I made a pocket for the lighting bug charms I made for Joseph.  I made 6 because he is 6 years old. I skipped ahead 220 stitches to avoid the loop. His name and the world LIghtning Bugs and the Made with Love were all sewn with glow in the dark thread. I just did a simple, close together zig zag with florescent green insead of piping. He is going to love this little pillow! Jan,aka grammy in Colorado"!

FSL Charm Shells and FSL Charm Dragonfly done by Baerbel. Stunning work, thank you for allowing me to share them.

FSL Crochet Table Runner by Maria Hail. It's stunning! Thank you for allowing me to share!


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