My name is Julia but most know me as Sewinhuggs. My name came about by having a a passion for sewing for over 30 years and creating soft designs that can give you a hug and make you smile.  I have been creating and digitizing my own free standing lace designs for the last five years. Having uploading and giving out samples of my designs to several major websites over the last few years. As well as starting my own etsy website. Now I have been given a wonderful chance to expand even further by creating designs for My Garden Embroidery. My hope and dream is to branch out and starting to create many other styles of machine embroidery. Such as  fringe, applique, and 3d designs. All I ask of other embroiders whom stitch out my designs is to let your creativy soar. And if you have any comments or questions I am here to help. Pictures are also nice to see. Happy stitching.
aka Sewinhuggs

My name is Christie and I live in Germany, although I am from originally from the USA. Most  know me as “christief” About 10 years ago I was first introduced to machine embroidery and soon after I was the proud owner of an Embroidery Machine and a Digitizing Software Learning to digitize was difficult, but after finding some wonderful tutorials and learning the different techniques I was "hooked". Then I started making designs but not able to really do anything with them, until I discovered a few embroidery site to upload my designs and share them. This has been a great experience for me and I appreciate all the tips friendships and feedback I have had and continue to get. I love digitizing different styles of Freestanding Lace such as Filet Crochet and Battenberg. Opening my own site www.embroidery-cafe last year was exciting and now even more as I am able to be a part of the “My Garden Embroidery” team. Feel free to contact me. I would love to hear your comments, questions, idea, etc. Photos would be great to see how creative you are with the designs!
Happy Stitching!
Christie (christief)

My name is Martine. I am Dutch and live in the north of the Netherlands. I’ve been sewing and embroidering since I was about 6 years ols. In 1992 I bought a Brother Galaxy and soon after their PE-scan, which offered combining designs as well as very rudimentary auto-digitising. In 1999 I bought Husqvarna software,  System 5 Pro, and I have been digitising since then. In 2007 I first came to an embroidery site, CuteEmbroidery, and have uploaded free designs there as well as on YouEmbroidery, under the names mops and mpos respectively.
It is exciting to be part of the Garden Embroidery Team and I hope you will enjoy my designs.
Happy stitching,

I am from the UK and I have a passion for engineering with fabric and thread. I will contribute mainly ITH designs.

I am a stay home wife and a mother of 2 little ones. I am from India but have lived in the Middle east most of my life. I have lots of hobbies, embroidery is 1 of them. I have been sewing for almost 15 years now. Since I was a little girl I used to love sewing doll clothes and always used to be ahead in craft class at school :)
I am enjoying digitizing a lot and always try to think of something new and innovative. Hope you all will enjoy my designs....your
feedback and suggestions would be highly appreciated by me!
My personal website is
Thank you! :)
Fatima AKA tfk

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